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WeiJiang x Black Apple – W8606 – Commander Thunder Leader


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Product Features
  • Size: 29 cm
  • Articulated hands
  • Chromed parts
  • Interchangeable face
  • 2 x Guns
  • 2 x Energon Swords

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Informazioni aggiuntive

Weight 1.5 kg

Wei Jiang




Optimus Prime


1:29 MPM / DLX

Product Description

WJ & Black Apple have released Commander Thunder Leader, an oversized and enhanced version of the MPM-4. Standing at an impressive height of 29 cm, this figurine offers a scale comparable to that of the Transformers Movie Masterpiece series.

Featuring articulation, the hands allow for a wide variety of dynamic poses. The battle mask deploys from inside the head, adding authentic realism to the figurine. Chromed parts enhance its appearance, giving it a premium and sophisticated look.

The Fuel tanks ingeniously transform into cannons, extending its combat capabilities. Additionally, this transformable figure comes with two swords pluggable under the truck, allowing for the recreation of epic scenes and thrilling battles.

With its articulated hands, chromed parts, interchangeable face, as well as accessories including two guns and two Energon swords, Commander – Thunder Leader is an essential collectible for any Transformers fan.

Product Review
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