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Preorder? Deposit? what’s that ?
What’s the scoop on preorders?
  • Ever dreamed of being the ultimate trendsetter, snagging the hottest items before they even hit the shelves? That’s what a preorder is all about! You’re locking in your favorite products ahead of the pack and ensuring you’re the envy of every geek on the block.
Why should I hop on the preorder train?
  • Picture this: it’s like unlocking a superpower in the world of shopping! Say “bye-bye” to the dreaded “out of stock” message and “hello” to getting exactly what you want, before it disapear. Plus, preordering often means scoring special deals and exclusive offers.
What’s the deal with deposits and why do I need one?
  • Think of it as a down payment on happiness! When you preorder an item, you’re throwing down a little cash upfront to secure your reservation. It’s like having your own personal VIP ticket to guarantee you won’t miss out on the item you’ve been drooling over.
Why is paying a deposit so rad?
  • Oh, it’s cooler than a polar bear doing the cha-cha! Not only are you snagging your must-have item, but you’re also kicking back with the peace of mind knowing it’ll be waiting for you as soon as it hits the shelves, ready to be buyed only by you. – no worries, all fun!
What are the extra perks of preordering and depositing at Hobby4Geek?
  • Besides ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve, at Hobby4Geek, we love treating our savvy shoppers! Think special discounts, exclusive offers, and even surprise goodies when you preorder and pay a deposit. So why wait? Secure your favorite products!
How to earn Geek points and why?

With Hobby4Geek, racking up Geek Points is as easy as pie! For every item you grab, you’re collecting these precious points – think of them as your shopping buddies cheering you on!

Basically, you get one Geek point for every €5.51 you spend. Now, here’s the fun part: each Geek Point packs a punch, weighing in at around €0.08!

And guess what? You can swap these digital treasures for sweet discounts when you’re ready to check out.

So, picture this: you snag that awesome item for €297.60 (VAT included), and boom – 59 Geek Points land in your account, totaling a nice €4.72.

It’s like a little victory dance for treating yourself to something extra! Oh, and here’s the secret recipe behind the scenes: “Geek Points = Product Amount / 5.51”. Easy, right? Happy shopping, dear geeks!

What are the differences between “KO”, “3rd Party, “4th Party” & under official license”?

The terms “Knock Off” (KO), “Third Party” (3rd Party), “Fourth Party” (4th Party), and “Official” (Licensed) are commonly used in the context of derivative products, particularly in the toy and collectibles industry. Here are their differences:

  • “Knock Off” (KO): Knock Offs, often abbreviated as KO, are non licensed products intentionally imitating official ones but are typically of inferior quality but cheaper.
  • “Third Party” (3rd Party): Third Party refers to manufacturers producing their own unlicensed products inspired by licensed characters, but designed to be compatible with existing ranges of licensed products. For example, in the Transformers toy industry, Third Party manufacturers often produce figures and accessories compatible with official toy lines, but not produced by Hasbro or Takara Tomy.
  • “Fourth Party” (4th Party): The term “Fourth Party” is not as common as the others and may not be universally recognized in all contexts. However, in some industries, the term may refer to companies or individuals who provide services or products to third parties (Third Parties), often in the context of contracts or complex agreements involving multiple parties. The distinction between Third Party and Fourth Party may vary depending on the specific context.
  • Official (Licensed): Licensed products, also known as official products, are those authorized by the rights holder. This means the manufacturer has obtained legal rights to produce and sell products based on a specific franchise, character, or intellectual property. Licensed products are typically of higher quality and receive support from the rights holder. For example, Marvel or Star Wars toys manufactured by Hasbro are official licensed products.
How did Hobby4Geek come to life?

HOBBY4GEEK was founded on February 8, 2023. He was born out of pure passion for Transformers and all things geek! Picture a place where fans of the coolest shape-shifting robots in the universe can gather and find all the action figures of their dreams. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve created! Our online store is the ultimate haven for Transformers aficionados, where you can explore an endless universe of toys, special editions, and collectible goodies.

We had this bright idea after realizing that there wasn’t really a dedicated online shop entirely devoted to these metal superheroes. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build the Transformers Temple on the web! Our mission? To provide you with the widest selection of Transformers action figures, from classics to the latest releases to ultra-rare models you won’t find anywhere else.

At HOBBY4GEEK, we don’t mess around when it comes to Transformers. We’re here to give you an epic shopping experience as epic as the battle between Autobots and Decepticons! So, get ready to embark on a journey where every click brings you closer to your next favorite action figure. Join us and dive into the action with HOBBY4GEEK – where the passion for toys becomes an adventure in itself!

Which payment methods are accepted on

The Customer selects his mode of payment at the end of his order and has the possibility of paying by:

  • Pay later / 3 times payment (by Klarna)
  • Credit card / Debit card (by Stripe)
  • Paypal account / Credit cards (by PayPal)
  • 4 times payment (by PayPal)
  • Instant bank payment (by Fintecture)
  • Bank Transfer (by Wise)
  • ApplePay
  • GooglePay
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Sofort
  • Przelewy24 (P24)
What is the meaning of the name Hobby4Geek?

The name “Hobby4Geek” combines “Hobby,” which refers to an activity done regularly for pleasure, and “Geek,” which denotes a person with a deep passion and knowledge in specific areas like technology, science fiction, and gaming. Specifically, focuses on toy and figure collectibles, with a particular emphasis on Transformers.

Parcel Origins and Shipping Fees?
  • Our parcels are shipped from France and China, depending on your location and the product you choose. On each product page, you can check its availability for shipping from either France or China.


  • Shipments from China generally offer free shipping to almost all over the world.


  • For products shipped from France, shipping fees may apply based on your destination. However, delivery is free within Europe for orders over €70 and internationally for orders over €150.

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