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DNA Design – DK-53 GEAR MASTER Accessory Series for SS-100, SS-105, SS-108


Availability estimated for August 2024
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Product Features
  • Compatible with SS-100, SS-105, SS-108 & Core Arcee
  • An array of accessories and weapons for customizing


Packaging Contents:

  • Face mask part
  • Pair of Blaster cannon arm alternate parts
  • Pair of Blaster wielding hand parts
  • Alternate blaster hand part
  • Alternate blaster cannon arm part
  • Pair of gun parts
  • Dual Guns for Core Arcee
  • Dual Blades for SS-100 Bumblebee
  • Alternate Wheeljack head

Note: All figures shown sold separately.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Weight 0.25 kg

Age of 8


New – Original box


DNA Design

Product Description

DK-53, is meticulously crafted to bring characters from the movie directly into your collection. BUMBLEBEE comes equipped with a battle mask and left-hand cannon, exuding immense strength.

MIRAGE introduces a brand-new design for its footpads, adjusting proportions, faithfully recreating the single-hand cannon from the film, and featuring complete transformation capabilities, along with two additional thigh inner-fillers.

WHEELJACK showcases the dual-hand cannon seen in the movie, embodying its combat prowess.

Exciting news! of April 5th: DK-53 will now include Transformers Studio Series Core Class Arcee – Dual Guns!

Exciting news! of April 9th: DK-53 will now include SS-100 BUMBLBEE – Dual Blades! (In response to fan requests for official blades without metallic paint, we’ve decided to provide dual-styled dual blades with metallic paint.) (Both blades and guns can be fully retracted.)

Exciting news! of April 11: Adding a new head sculpt for SS-108 WHEELJACK in DK-53! To address the dissatisfaction some fans had with the official head sculpt, we decided to provide an all-new design. However, please note that since the official head sculpt is glued in place, replacing it requires damaging the original structure’s peg. If you don’t want to break the peg, the new head sculpt cannot be installed. This decision is left up to the collectors’ discretion. (The new head sculpt can be fully stored.)

This series is tailored to meet the needs of all enthusiasts, making your collection truly unique!

DNA Design innovated a unique weapon storage system to complement this masterpiece, aiming to captivate every collector’s heart.
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