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FA-01 SUPREME ELDER “The Fallen”


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Product Features
  • Paint that lights up at night under ultraviolet light
  • Size: around 40 cm
  • 1:29 “Masterpiece Movie” Scale (MPM)
  • Die-Cast parts

Informazioni aggiuntive


Age of 8


New – Original box


Black Mamba




Optimus Prime


1:27, 1:28

Product Description

FA-01 SUPREME ELDER is an impressive replica of the Studio Series SS-91 The Fallen figure, enlarged to reach a spectacular height of 40 cm. Designed for the most discerning Transformers enthusiasts, this masterpiece stands out for its exquisite details and unique features.

Luminescent Paint:
The paint of FA-01 SUPREME ELDER glows under ultraviolet light, offering a stunning visual spectacle in the darkness.

Impressive Size:
Standing at 40 cm tall, this figure attracts all eyes and distinguishes itself in any collection.

Die-Cast Metal Parts:
FA-01 SUPREME ELDER features die-cast metal parts that add durability and realistic weight, enhancing the feeling of superior quality.

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