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Alien Attack Toys AAT-02 King of Kavaliers “Optimus Prime”


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Product Features
  • Size: 29 cm
  • Shield
  • Stick
  • Replacement Face
  • Buster Gun
  • Spike Blade,
  • Articuled hands
  • Nemesis head
  • Bio Card
  • Instruction Manual

Informazioni aggiuntive

Product Description

Discover the incredible AAT-02 King of Kavaliers from Alien Attack Toys, an exceptional figure standing approximately 29 cm tall in robot mode and transforming into an impressive semi-truck! Inspired by Optimus Prime from the Transformers movies, this model features die-cast parts, elbow joints, and rubber tires, giving it remarkable sturdiness and realism.

In addition to its captivating transformation, the King of Kavaliers comes with an array of impressive accessories: a shield, a stick, a replacement face, a Buster Gun, a Spike Blade, a Nemesis head, and a Bio Card detailing its story and features. The articulated hands allow for dynamic and expressive poses, adding even more possibilities for collectors and fans of transformable robots.

Included in the box, you will also find an instruction manual to facilitate assembly and transformation. The King of Kavaliers is designed for collectors and fans of transformable robots, offering exceptional quality and attention to detail. Add this masterpiece to your collection and experience the perfect fusion of impressive design and dynamic functionality.

Product Review
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